In 2012, the Arts Council launched the RAISE private investment capacity building programme to grow a culture of philanthropy and private giving to the arts in Ireland. The programme was launched to develop the fundraising capability for the chosen arts organisations by delivering the skills and resources to build robust, sustainable organisations.

Following on from the initial programme, the Arts Council have now appointed O’Kennedy Consulting, leading fundraising and philanthropy advisors, to manage the new phase of RAISE. The key outcomes for this programme are:

  • To build capacity in the chosen organisations to generate significant new private investment including philanthropic investment
  • To develop skills in planned giving across all the chosen organisations
  • To deliver a scalable and sustainable private investment model for chosen organisations

If you are in receipt of Arts Council strategic or venue funding and believe that you could benefit from being part of this programme, please contact Alison at or call us on 01 524 2805 for further information and criteria.

The O’Kennedy Consulting RAISE Team

Project Director – Mary O’Kennedy

Project Managers – Sabrina Kevany McGlynn and Nik Quaife

Project Officer – Alison Gilmour