To ‘Build Back Better’ is a concept widely understood in international development in terms of a response to both natural and man-made disasters that focuses on creating more resilient societies post-emergency. In the aftermath of Covid-19, through the implementation of risk reduction measures, restoration and renewal of existing pillars of work, service revitalisation and innovation, our focus is to create a more resilient not-for-profit sector in Ireland; in essence – to help you and your organisations to build back better and secure the business support and philanthropic support required to achieve your goals.

Covid has upended all aspects of society – our way of life, our way of working, and our way of unifying, sharing and supporting social and community impact.

O’Kennedy Consulting is helping organisations to navigate their way through the new normal. And, in order to build back better, we are putting structures in place to ensure you are not only sustainable but also best equipped to thrive into the future. As a result of Covid, existing strategic plans have been thrown into uncertainty, offices and venues will need to adapt to significantly changed work practices and in many cases, staff and volunteers will continue to operate remotely; all which will see a seismic shift in how programmes and services are delivered going forward.

In most countries the social and business response to coronavirus has been highly effective, and resulted in a significant shift in society’s worldview, creating a wave of innovation in technology, enterprise, social impact, and philanthropic investment.

Our Build Back Better Programme can help your organisation to thrive in a post-pandemic environment.

Crises hit every organisation, it’s how we respond that matters.

As strategic priorities are modified to respond to COVID-19, resource needs will change as will the business propositions required to support those needs. OKC can provide a full analysis of your organisation’s position and outlook, Board culture, stakeholder engagement, donor commitment, programmes, audiences and beneficiaries to establish the most robust channels for sustained success.

Stress testing organisation-wide resilience across multiple areas including: Alignment of board and management, clarity of message, contingency planning, impact in a stop-start reality, emerging needs, and opportunities for agile innovation and collaboration.

Clients, Audiences, Donors and Partners need to understand the impact of your organisation now more than ever but defining impact is not always easy. Compelling impact stories and narrative around your activities will be brought together in the form of a re-imagined Business Case for Support for your organisation.

Reinventing client, beneficiary, audience, supporter and donor engagement using technology. With a rapid shift to a digital existence during Covid, many of our traditional donor engagement practices were rendered inoperable. Without the certainty of travel, events, and face-to- face visits, development teams need to be equipped with creative and adaptive ways to engage with stakeholders and we can guide the development of your organisation’s digital engagement pillar.

Deep dive into staff morale and response to Covid, strategies for remote working, creative teamwork, programme delivery, and maintaining momentum in uncertain times.

It’s a time to review the costs v benefits of your income generation and fundraising activities and assess what lessons can be learned from how we were required to operate during Covid. For example, some digital innovations are here to stay and, in many cases, organisations are realising that specific events, campaigns and supporter engagement activities work more efficiently and cost effectively online.